Sales tax on online orders?

     In the U.S.A, Modani is operating out of six States : California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York and Texas. Any order placed with a delivery address within these States/Province will be charged the applicable sales tax. Orders placed outside those states will be exempt from sales tax charges during the checkout process. In Canada, a tax rate will be applied to any order according to sales tax regulation in the province of the delivery address (GST, PST and HST).


    Why is the price so affordable?

    The difference with other on-line or brick-and-mortar stores is that we are wholesalers and sell some exclusive lines of products in the US and Canada. That’s why we provide very affordable prices.


    This is very affordable so I guess the quality must not be that good…?

    We have a very high quality standard for our materials. You may sometimes find the same leather sofas or dining tables from 2 to 3 times our price. Our strategy is to sell at or close to wholesale prices to customers and grow our share of the modern furniture market by increasing volume of transactions at the cheapest prices around.


    What are the weight/dimensions of our items?

    If you click on a product and view its on-line profile, you should be able to see the weight and dimensions.


    What is the return policy?

    We are wholesalers, therefore we don’t do any returns, refunds or exchanges except if the product is broken at the time of delivery or different from order placed and we are properly notified. We will honor some exchanges.


    Do you deliver nationwide / internationally?

    No, we deliver only to the US (except Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.


    What do you charge for shipping?

    Your shipping costs will vary depending on the value of your order. It will be determined at the time of placing you online order. As you enter your address, shipping charges will be calculated.


    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all majors credit cards : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. The payment is processed through a secured payment processor, which guarantees your security and privacy.


    Is your website safe?

    Yes, of course. Ordering on our site is safe and 100% guaranteed. We use The Payeezy eCommerce Solution, web leader checkout system that makes your shopping online perfectly safe. Your order information is delivered directly to First Data servers via a secure-session encryption process. Payeezy is a fast, secure, and convenient way to shop online.


    If I order online can I pickup?

    Yes, for select small items only. If your order is eligible for in store pickup, you will be offered the option during the checkout process.

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